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How much does the hiking trailer weigh?
Ultreïa hiking trailers are light.
For example: Ultreïa Rando weighs only 6.1 kg.
Ultreïa Cyclo doesn’t weigh much more at 6.4 kg.

Does the hiking trailer come apart?
Yes, it can be partially taken apart in 1 minute and completely dismantled in 5 minutes.
You need two 10 mm and two 13 mm spanners.

What is the maximum weight that my hiking trailer can carry?
It can carry up to 30 kg with no effort on your part.
Ideally, you want to achieve a load of 2 kg at waist height (no more, no less) by adjusting the load over the axle.

Is a hiking trailer easy to pull?
Yes, Ultreïa hiking trailers have an articulated system that provides great flexibility when pulling.
So, when there are potholes, bends in the path, etc., your trailer follows you with ease.

How do you attach a hiking trailer to a bicycle?
The Ultreïa Cyclo bike trailer hitches underneath the saddle on a high/low, right/left support system, hitch ball type.